Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints

How many times have I gotten all up in someone’s face about ganking something from nature? Okay, don’t answer that. Either you know me, in which case you know the answer is “every time you can,” or you don’t know me, in which case you’re wondering what I’m nattering on about.

The saying, you see, is “Take only pictures, leave only footsteps.” And it means to preserve nature as it is – don’t uproot trees or chip away rocks or toss litter, but enjoy things in their natural state. Something I was doing last weekend near the banks of the river, until I saw something a little… odd.

It had been a hard hike. For hours I had been roaming the hills. I had just sat down to take off my shoes and dangle my feet in the water for a moment when I saw what looked like a glint of gold caught up in the snarl of tree roots at the water’s edge. I tried to clear away some of the muck and matter to uncover whatever it was that had been sifted out of the river by the root net, but the more I cleared away, the more it seemed clear that the gold thing was part of the root system itself. Only the tree fed by the roots was dying, nearly dead already, starved of nutrients by the erosion of the water in the root system.

Something came over me then, and I worked at the hunk of metal to try to dislodge it from the roots, mentally plugging my ears and singing “LALALA!” when my conscience tried to ask me what I was up to. I ended up with what looks like a golden root – with some sort of a plug in it. The sort of plug that you can connect an accessory to your computer with.

My insanity didn’t end here, oh no. I headed straight home (after hiking the hour back to my car with this strangely heavy device hidden in my jacket) and it somehow plugged itself into my computer usb cable.

Yes, I am the girl who warned you all about malware and trojans and worms.

Nothing happened. Nothing showed up in the system profile. By this time it was late and I was hungry and I just left it overnight, to deal with the next day. But in the morning, I had an email. From someone named Centian. Thanking me for saving his life. And asking me if I like to play games.

What have I done? And what do I do now?


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  1. iphone said,

    May 16, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    7 mm while the iphone is now all cleaned out and ready for the holiday quarter.

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