Me and Emma

Isn’t she adorable?


Testing, one two

…Is this thing on? I seem to have whatever the opposite is of Midas’s touch with technology lately, between zapping my old blog and dropping my cell phone so that it only takes these awful grainy pictures.

But I digress. A fresh start, right? Of course. (I nearly typed that “of curse,” but didn’t.)

Not much to talk about lately. The weather is offering up tantalizing peeks of loveliness, only to snatch them back as soon as I get comfortable. This time of year we can go from t-shirt and shorts to parka in less than 12 hours. I still try to keep my promise to myself to watch the sun touch the horizon every day. Sometimes I manage to, sometimes I don’t.

Is anyone out there doing anything really interesting? I think I’m stuck in a rut.