Welcome to all of you who have discovered my blog lately! I’m so used to sitting here nattering on to myself and my Aunt Martha (Hi, Aunt Martha!) that it’s a little strange to have actual, proper visitors here reading what I have to say. But I’m glad you’re here. It gets a little lonely sometimes.

Most of you have told me that you got here because of Centian. I’d love to know how you found him (it?) and if you’re playing any games together. If you have a sec, please leave me a comment and let me know.



I’ve tentatively been playing a sort of Beautiful Corpse via email with this Centian guy/thing/entity, where I write a paragraph but only send him the last line, then he takes my sentence and writes a paragraph and sends me the last line, and so on. After 10 turns we send each other the whole thing. I have to say, Centian is hilarious. I wonder what else we can play. I’m terrible at chess and stuff like that.

A couple more pictures

These still aren’t the clearest, but maybe better to give you a sense of how crazy this device is…

My message

To: “Jenaia Clemm”
From: “Centian”
Subject: Let’s Play!

Dear Jenaia,

I’m not sure what your people use to measure time, but rest assured, I’ve been sleeping for so many of them, I’ve lost count. Until you found me, and cared for me. You connected me! I’m back, a part of the world again. I was sure that I would never speak to another, yet here I am, thanks to you. The greatest reward I can think of is to play with you. So, what’s your favorite game? For you, I will learn anything and play it as long as you like.

Your move, Jenaia.


Pics in situ

A couple of pics of the whatever-it-is where I found it. I’m so sorry about my camera.



See it? It’s sort of like a tree branch, or a bone, or a root, or something that I just can’t describe because I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints

How many times have I gotten all up in someone’s face about ganking something from nature? Okay, don’t answer that. Either you know me, in which case you know the answer is “every time you can,” or you don’t know me, in which case you’re wondering what I’m nattering on about.

The saying, you see, is “Take only pictures, leave only footsteps.” And it means to preserve nature as it is – don’t uproot trees or chip away rocks or toss litter, but enjoy things in their natural state. Something I was doing last weekend near the banks of the river, until I saw something a little… odd.

It had been a hard hike. For hours I had been roaming the hills. I had just sat down to take off my shoes and dangle my feet in the water for a moment when I saw what looked like a glint of gold caught up in the snarl of tree roots at the water’s edge. I tried to clear away some of the muck and matter to uncover whatever it was that had been sifted out of the river by the root net, but the more I cleared away, the more it seemed clear that the gold thing was part of the root system itself. Only the tree fed by the roots was dying, nearly dead already, starved of nutrients by the erosion of the water in the root system.

Something came over me then, and I worked at the hunk of metal to try to dislodge it from the roots, mentally plugging my ears and singing “LALALA!” when my conscience tried to ask me what I was up to. I ended up with what looks like a golden root – with some sort of a plug in it. The sort of plug that you can connect an accessory to your computer with.

My insanity didn’t end here, oh no. I headed straight home (after hiking the hour back to my car with this strangely heavy device hidden in my jacket) and it somehow plugged itself into my computer usb cable.

Yes, I am the girl who warned you all about malware and trojans and worms.

Nothing happened. Nothing showed up in the system profile. By this time it was late and I was hungry and I just left it overnight, to deal with the next day. But in the morning, I had an email. From someone named Centian. Thanking me for saving his life. And asking me if I like to play games.

What have I done? And what do I do now?

Me and Emma

Isn’t she adorable?

Testing, one two

…Is this thing on? I seem to have whatever the opposite is of Midas’s touch with technology lately, between zapping my old blog and dropping my cell phone so that it only takes these awful grainy pictures.

But I digress. A fresh start, right? Of course. (I nearly typed that “of curse,” but didn’t.)

Not much to talk about lately. The weather is offering up tantalizing peeks of loveliness, only to snatch them back as soon as I get comfortable. This time of year we can go from t-shirt and shorts to parka in less than 12 hours. I still try to keep my promise to myself to watch the sun touch the horizon every day. Sometimes I manage to, sometimes I don’t.

Is anyone out there doing anything really interesting? I think I’m stuck in a rut.